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Virtual Reality is a new medium, it is more than just an entertainment tool. VR allows us to send users to places they can’t physically travel to because they are dangerous on inaccessible.

What if we could train you on the hazards of a job before you actually set foot on site, but by putting you there?

Reforging Reality – TEDx 2016 – Daniel Blair

Watch ‘Reforging Reality‘ by Daniel Blair on TEDxWinnipeg 2016



The ‘VRSafety’ App

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Safety Issues

Injuries Statistics from 2014 – 2016

(related to head, eyes, hand and foot injuries)

  • Trucking – 731
  • Heavy construction – 491
  • Building construction – 2095

Of these there are 2883 that are reported to have lost time at work because of their injury. This is costing industry big bucks.

*Data was provided by SAFE Work Manitoba and Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba

The Big Idea

With the current astonishing facts and figures about serious safety issues in construction industry, we came up with an app idea that leverages Virtual Reality in safety training. With Virtual Reality, the training experience is immersive but very hands-on as the content is taken from the real job site, and is simulated in a 360-degree environment. By this, learners are totally placed in a real construction site that enhances their discovery, learning and safety practices.

Read more about Benefits of Virtual Reality in Training.

App Description

VRSafety is our customized platform for 360-degree photos and videos. They are an engaging and immersive type of media content which has gained popularity in recent months with the likes of Facebook, Google and Youtube. It allows the viewer to move around the camera without limits, giving them control of what they see.

Our VRSafety platform is special, as we can add “hotspots” in your 360-degree panoramas. These are like the links between different types of media in one panorama. This can make your content not just a normal panorama, but a port of various information that viewers can see.

Its applications

  • Travel to job sites virtually
  • Cost effective solutions for businesses to implement awareness training
  • Adaptable for any classroom training
  • Dynamic deployment options
  • Scalable design for businesses
  • Integrated assessments

Current Features

  • Support for multiple VR platforms
  • Easily built using a single JSON file and a folder of pictures
  • Integrated SCORM compliance for web embedded simulators
  • Narration support for limited literacy
  • Integrated quizzing for assessment


‘Hotspots’ is an incredible feature that can enhance the interactive VR experiences. Hotspots are the spots that contain a link to a different media type. When you gaze at a hotspot in your headset, you can gaze through to next piece of content. With our VRSafety, you can add various types of media by hotspots that can enrich your VR content for training or in the classroom.

  • Image hotspot
  • Flashcard
  • Similar to image with hidden text behind for studying
  • Text hotspots
  • Audio hotspots
  • Transition
  • Video


The VRSafety App can be applied on most of the current VR platforms, including:

  • Google Cardboard
    • iOS
    • Android
  • Google Daydream
  • Oculus Rift
  • Oculus Gear VR
  • HTC Vive
  • Microsoft VR
  • Microsoft Hololens

* We have Non-VR enabled build support for iPad and the web.

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