VRSafety is our customized platform for 360-degree photos and videos. They are an engaging and immersive type of media content which has gained popularity in recent months with the likes of Facebook, Google and Youtube. It allows the viewer to move around the camera without limits, giving them control of what they see.


Our VRSafety platform is special, as we can add “hotspots” in your 360-degree panoramas. These are like the links between different types of media in one panorama. This can make your content not just a normal panorama, but a port of various information that viewers can see.


Cross Platform

We support all modern virtual reality deployment options such as the Oculus, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, Daydream and more.

Flexible Support

We work with all kinds of dynamic organizations, ask us questions at any given time and we will do our best to help you find a solution.


Give your users a sense of presence as they are teleported virtually to the spaces they are being trained on. Send them to job sites without worry of injuries.


We can integrate VRSafety into your existing courses.

Choose the perfect plan

We have flexible pricing for any business.


  • Unlimited interactive hotspots
  • 2 course modules
  • 2 deployment options
  • Access to our knowledge base
  • Email support
  • *VRSafety branded launch screen


  • Unlimited interactive hotspots
  • 5 course modules
  • Unlimited deployment options
  • Access to our knowledge base
  • Email support
  • Unbranded launch screen


  • All Pro features
  • Unlimited course modules
  • Personalized support
  • Unbranded launch screen
  1. You always own your educational content!
  2. Have a need that isn’t listed? You can always contact us and we can discuss your options!
  3. *See our logo when the simulator is launched

Some current applications & features


  • Travel to job sites virtually
  • Cost effective solutions for businesses to implement awareness training
  • Adaptable for any classroom training
  • Dynamic deployment options
  • Scalable design for businesses
  • Integrated assessments


  • Support for multiple VR platforms
  • Easily built using a single JSON file and a folder of pictures
  • Integrated SCORM compliance for web embedded simulators
  • Narration support for limited literacy
  • Integrated quizzing for assessment

Our clients say

"Bit Space Development is the digital media team of the Manitoba Construction Sector Council who is working on projects in partnership with Manitoba Heavy Construction Association,   Manitoba Homebuilders Association, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and Industry Services with Province of Manitoba. In each of the projects, BIT has developed a vast array of technology including games, virtual reality and augmented reality. They listen to the needs of the clients, respond with suitable options and are always accommodating and flexible when changes are required. They know adult education and the tools that support training that will truly enhance the learning experience for the student. Projects are always completed on time and within  budget. BIT is a creative team with solid project management skills that I highly recommend."
"In all instances that Bit Space has been involved in the development of training pictures or videos, the quality and expertise that they bring makes the process very smooth during normal work scheduling. This new perspective of pano-pictures in the construction training modules will be opening the eyes to new workers as to what a job site will actually look like. Bit Space has been able to add text boxes and the like to certain identified areas to assist with the training in identifying hazards, signage, processes and so on."

Download our demo

Grab a demo to experience one of the job sites we visited and learn more about the features we offer.