Workplace Safety Re-imagined

Safety training in virtual reality

Why should you care about vrsafety?

Because VR Training Works

60 %

“83% of VR trained surgeons were able to perform the surgery in a lab setting with minimal guidance, whereas none of the traditionally trained surgeons were able to do the same.”

Jonhnson & Johnson Institute

60 %

98% of students who experienced a VR lesson reported being engaged with the content. 

-Bit Space Development

60 %
Interested in VR Courses

82% of companies
implementing AR/VR indicate that benefits meet or exceed their expectations

Capgemini Research


Web-Based VR Learning

User Reporting System

VR Experience Authoring Tool

Training Content Management System

Cross-Platform Support


Web-based VR learning

access your content from any web-connected device

VR Authoring Tool

Build your own VR courses

vr tour self-authoring tool
vrsafety dashboard

User Reporting System

Get Results

Content Management System

share courses with the right people

vrsafety dashboard

VRSafety Supports all modern device platforms


Standalone VR



Who's using VRsafety?

Manitoba Heavy Construction Association
Delta 9 VR Safety
Manitoba Home Builder's Association
Canadian Institute of Steel Construction
Gerdau Steel
IBEW 2085
MCSC 1 VRSafety
NF VRSafety



Your starting point with VR Safety
$ 250 Monthly
  • 200 Users
  • 5 Training Experiences
  • Up to Ten 360-Degree Images Each
  • Unlimited Hot Spots
  • Access to VRSafety Hubs Meeting Rooms


Everything from Basic and More
$ 700 Monthly
  • 500 Users
  • 15 Training Experiences
  • Up to Twenty 360-Degree Images Each
  • 360-Video Hot Spots (1 min or less)
  • Standard Video Hot Spots (2min, 720p)
  • Access to VRSafety Hubs Meeting Rooms


Perfect for Large Companies
$ 1500 Monthly
  • 1000 Users
  • 40 Training Experiences
  • Up to Forty 360-Degree Images Each
  • 4K Video / 11K 360 Video
  • Private VRSafety Hubs Meeting Rooms

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